An overview of the latest news and successes of, and relating to, ULTRAWAVES is provided in the News category.

New image video presents versatility of the company

Effective: Mar 07, 2018
Neuer Imagefilm präsentiert Vielseitigkeit des Unternehmens

Interested visitors of the ULTRAWAVES website can not only find out about the company via word and picture since February, but also via video.

Technology training for new sales partners

Effective: Sep 30, 2017
Technologie-Training für neue Vertriebspartner

In order to equip our sales partners in the field of high-power ultrasound on biogas and wastewater treatment plants, ULTRAWAVES regularly organizes so-called partner trainings in Germany. As a rule, our partner visits our headquarters in Hamburg as well as the headquarters of our technology partner SONOTRONIC in Karslbad, where intensive attention is paid to high-power ultrasound systems. In addition, we will visit selected reference systems for use on wastewater and biogas plants.

Sales partner hVI informs about high-power ultrasound at Taiwanese trade fairs

Effective: Oct 21, 2017
Vertriebspartner hVI informiert auf taiwanesischen Fachmessen über Hochleistungs-Ultraschall

379/5000 To present ULTRAWAVES 'high power ultrasonic technology to the Asian market, our Taiwanese distributor High View Innovation Co. Ltd (hVI) exhibited and presented at the Taiwan International Green Industry Show (TiGiS) in October. Also on site for ULTRAWAVES was hVi at the regional fair at the Southern Taiwan Science Park.

Hochleistungs-Ultraschall für den chinesischen Markt: Neuer Partner in China

Effective: Mar 31, 2017
Ultraschall im Reich der Mitte: Neuer Partner in China

With the Beijing Tianzhou Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. ULTRAWAVES has a new partner for biomass and sewage sludge applications in China. At the end of March 2017, the cooperation was sealed when visiting our contact partner Fang Wie in Hamburg. Together, our high-performance ultrasound technology, which is based on hard cavitation, is to be further introduced in the Asian region. We look forward to many exciting projects.

New partner in Paktistan for applications on BGP and WWTP

Effective: Nov 20, 2017
Neuer Partner in Paktistan für Anwendungen auf BGA und KA

Dr. Klaus Nickel visited our new partner for biomass and sewage sludge applications in Pakistan in NOvember 2017. Pakistan-based Jaffrey Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd (JEL) will distribute ULTRAWAVES 'high-performance ultrasound technology on the market there. Local contact person is Kamal Jaffrey. We are looking forward to a successful cooperation.

ULTRAWAVES now with its own Youtube channel

Effective: Jul 31, 2017

The ULTRAWAVES GmbH is now represented with informative videos on Youtube, in particular focusing the BIOSONATOR technology.

ULTRAWAVES technology is used for research projects

Effective: Jul 07, 2017

In the TKoR (Technology Competence Center for Organic Residue Recycling) projects, ULTRAWAVES' technology is used trough cooperation with its partner Poll GmbH.

Lecture by Dr.-Ing. Bernd Simbach on nutrient recovery and energy production

Effective: Jun 28, 2017

Dipl.-Ing. Bernd Simbach from Poll GmbH, an ULTRAWAVES sales partner, gave a lecture on Phosphorus Recycling and Energy Production from Sewage Sludge" a the terratec 2017 in Berlin. The disintegration processes induced by ULTRAWAVES' technology are important in order to achieve the objectives of phosphorus recovery and to increase gas production in the digestion process.

Lecture by Dr.-Ing. Bernd Simbach from our partner Poll GmbH

Effective: Jun 26, 2017

Mr. Simbach is giving a lecture on the treatment of fermentation residues and nutrient recovery from biomass using the high-performance ultrasound technology of the ULTRAWAVES GmbH. The lecture will be integrated into the section "New Technologies in Action" at IBBA, the Inter Baltic Biogas Arena, in Poznań (Poland) on 23 August 2017.

EEN Event with Delegation from Chengdu, China

Effective: May 31, 2017
EEN-Event mit Delegation aus Chengdu (China)

The Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) aims at establishing international contacts and implementing innovations. The company Ultrawaves has participated in the activities of the EEN by receiving a delegation from China at the end of March 2017.

EXPOVAL project was a total success

Effective: Jan 22, 2017

The EXPOVAL project was concluded with the final conference in October 2016. The DWA thematic issue is free of charge.

New article in 'world water'

Effective: Jan 09, 2017

In the journal 'world water' from November / December 2016 (volume 39 / issue 6) an article was published on the topic of resource conservation by means of ultrasound treatment of sewage sludge. The article entitled 'Ultrasound technology to achieve energy self-sufficiency' was written by Dipl.-Ing. Gunnar Klingspor and the founders of Ultrawaves Dr.-Ing. Klaus Nickel and Prof. (em.) Dr.-Ing. Uwe Neis.

Dr.-Ing. Klaus Nickel as guest lecturer at Chinese University

Effective: Jan 09, 2017
Dr.-Ing. Klaus Nickel as guest lecturer at Chinese University

As in the past, Dr.-Ing. Klaus Nickel was invited to the Jiaotong University School of Civil Engineering in Chengdu (China) as a guest speaker at the beginning of the year 2017.

BIOSONATOR at FBP Ense - new case study

Effective: Dec 12, 2016
BIOSONATOR at FBP Ense - new case study

In December 2015, one of our BIOSONATORS was installed on the Ense biogas plant on the edge of the Sauerland. After one year of operation we are now drawing a balance.

Ultrawaves with new partner in Korea

Effective: Nov 27, 2016
Ultrawaves with new partner in Korea

Ultrawaves is proud to announce to have found a new partner for the sewage sludge market in Korea, the company Sunil Group.

Ultrawaves awarded at Clean Energy Awards 2016

Effective: Nov 27, 2016
Ultrawaves awarded at Clean Energy Awards 2016

Ultrawaves is proud to announce that we have been awarded "Best Environmental Engineering Technology Provider - Germany & Best Water Engineering Product: ULTRAWAVES HPUS Technology" by the judges at the Cleanenergy-News Clean Energy Awards 2016.

Dr Klaus Nickel as guest lecturer at ReMaT

Effective: Sep 25, 2016

At the Research Management Training (ReMaT) Workshop for doctoral students, on Tuesday 20 September at 2 pm, Ultrawaves' CEO Klaus Nickel will share insights from his own career to motivate the international graduating students to reflect on their own career plans.

Image film of the Eichsfeldwerke - Ultrawaves' technology in use

Effective: Sep 25, 2016

n many different areas of life the Eichsfeldwerke as an everyday-motor (a driving force) of a whole region are using future-oriented technologies - like the highly efficient processes for the disintegration with ultrasound from ULTRAWAVES.

Ultrawaves at the IFAT 2016

Effective: Aug 05, 2016
Ultrawaves at the IFAT 2016

Visit our environmental technologies and solutions at the ULTRAWAVES booth at the IFAT 2016, the world's leading trade fair for water, sewage, waste and raw materials management.

New partner for Ultrawaves in Israel

Effective: Jul 14, 2016
New partner for Ultrawaves in Israel

Ultrawaves is proud to have found a new partner for sewage sludge and biogas applications in Israel, namely Yoav Yinon Management Engineering Ldt.